Espresso Cake Balls

Espresso Cake Balls What you’ve gotta have:
1 chocolate cake
chocolate espresso glaze
12 ounces of chocolate chips (semi-sweet or dark recommended)
4 tablespoons milk
Ground espresso for garnish

What you’ve gotta do:
Make a chocolate cake and chocolate espresso glaze, per my recipe, or your own. Transfer the cake into a large mixing bowl, and pour the glaze over the cake. Mix the cake and glaze (with your hands!) until it reaches a moldable consistency. Put in the refrigerator or freezer so it firms.

Set up a double boiler on the stove. Rest a small saucepan in a medium saucepan that is filled ¾ of the way with water and bring to a boil. This keeps the chocolate far enough away from direct heat that it won’t burn. Pour the chocolate chips and milk into the small saucepan and stir until evenly melted.

Bring out the cake mixture. Form into 1 ½ inch balls and roll in the melted chocolate. Arange on a flat surface (large Tupperware top is a good option) and sprinkle ground espresso on top. Put in the freezer to harden.