hi there!

I'm a recent DC transplant, and I enjoy:
- looking at the sky
- picnicking
- watching television shows that take place in DC
- drinking coffee or espresso or either of the two all dressed up
- pretending I know how to talk about beer

Here's a quick rundown of what to expect from each section of this site:


The kitchen is my happy place. There are few things I love more than seeing someone take their first bite of something I've created. Watch the eyes - when they roll back, you know you've done something right.


Sometimes, I don't have the time or energy or interest in making something tasty for myself, so I let someone else do it. Assume that any restaurant on this list has received my stamp of approval. I eat a predominantly vegetarian diet, for the record.


I graduated from Duke University in 2013 with degrees in political science and policy journalism. I did a bit of writing during my time at Duke, and now work as an associate politics editor at The Huffington Post. I invite you to browse my portfolio.

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